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Toycon 2013 [late] Recap (Day 2)

Wed Jul 3, 2013, 3:05 AM
Really late post but as promised, I will be posting more updates here regarding my cosplays. 

Okay for the month of June, I attended my 3rd Toycon last June 15 and 16. I attended both weekends.

So for day 2 (Saturday), I decided to bring two costume because I was indesicive--I love both characters and it took me weeks of contemplation. I planned to go dress up as Princess Feferi first because I know that the Homestucks will be there early and well, the rest of my Hetalia group will be arriving late so I'll only be changing into mafia!Alfred once they get there. I announced my plan on my public account the night before with this picture via instagram:
Image by littleharleyquinn

I commuted with Rikun and Si, we arrived at the mall grounds around 11am or so and headed straight to the usual bathroom/meeting area to get changed. My prep for Fef did not take that long because I only applied contacts, lip gloss, blush and falsies so I wouldn't have a hard time changing later. 

After make-up photo in the comfort room. Taken by Rikun: 
Image by littleharleyquinn
My wig is tattered but w)(atever, let's just say that my sea-dweller hair isn't used to the land atmosphere. Glub 38U

Grisia came in and caught with us in the bathroom to change into mafia!Feli (Rikun was mafia!Liz with her until I changed). When we were all set, we left our senpais to it since they still had work to do in there. The three of us headed up to the con grounds wherein we ran into our other Feli! She was in an adorable 16th century outfit. 

Group photo (L-R: me, Feli, Rikun, Grisia): I was the only Homestuck wweh
Image by littleharleyquinn

Feli kept asking me for a few shots together and how can I turn down an offer from such an adorable darling? (◡‿◡✿)

We had some sort of cross-over shoot between Princess Feferi and "Prince" Feliciano. 
I can show you the world, ve~ by littleharleyquinn

After a few photos, we started walking again. I ran into some Homestucks and they told me that some of them were hanging out at Starbucks so I asked my companions if they wanted to go there. We got there and met Cronus, Mara and a few lovely people whose names I do not want to mention anymore. Derping ensued for a while until we became too conscious of our loudness in the overpriced cafe so we decided to leave again. 
Homebucks? Starbstuck?
Image by littleharleyquinn

(Take note that I was carrying two bags; a roller bag and a shoulder one and they were both quite heavy.)

We went up and just joined in with the Homestucks. It was fun but my outfit was starting to become really uncomfortable especially on shoulder were my bag was hung. The dress' fabric was quite itchy yet still tolerable but with the weight on my shoulder, it started scratching and kind of irritating my skin. 

I finally gave in and decided I should change into Alfred now, a few of my friends went to the bathroom with me to do their touch-ups and Rikun changed as well. I'll be honest, my makeup for America took quite sometime because I couldn't get it right, everyone else was ready but me. 
Proof (taken by Rikun, who is now changed into a bishie mafia!Arthur):
Image by littleharleyquinn

We reached the halls again and finally saw the Dangan Ronpa group (they were also our friends) and boy, were they all perfect. Wow. I don't even want to get into detail because it's not even my fandom but anyway, we stayed at our usual spot outside the convention itself. From what I saw, it was basically tumblr during that time. There was Homestuck, Hetalia, Dangan Ronpa, Dr. Who, Les Mis (although they weren't in costume, I saw a few people sporting the revolution pin) and there was even an OFF cosplayer. Don't even get me started on that horse head guy.

Our Ivan finally arrived and we got our group completed. Huzzah!
Image by littleharleyquinn
Fun Fact: Due to our height differences, I would ask these nice "fellows" to squat a bit just so I would appear taller XD

When Nanna arrived out of costume (she was Purloz earlier but I didn't get to be with her at that time), she borrowed Whoops (Ivan) and I for our mini RusAme photoshoot. Man, was it hot. Literally. We were in the 5th floor parking lot during a hot summer day so yes, it was smoking. I'm not going to be submitting the duo shots into my gallery but you can have one here right now:
Image by littleharleyquinn
I'll be submitting my solo shots sometime though so keep on the look out for that.

Another note: I haven't eaten a proper meal that day. I puked out my breakfast before leaving (my stomach rejected the spaghetti) and the only food I ate was jelly beans and a slice of pizza. Life of a cosplayer. Life of a broke cosplayer. 

So anyway, the con started subsiding and some of my friends already started leaving. Our mafiatalia group were left in our spot but luckily, we got to talk to the other Hetalia cosplayers who I haven't met before that day. We kind of started semi-stripping because of the heat and due to the layers of our outfits, we really needed to loosen those ties and buttons like so (Taken by the bad-ass pirate!Seychelles):
Image by littleharleyquinn

It was around 8pm and my dad already started calling me so we had to get a move on once Grisia was picked up. We met with our DR friends from earlier and said goodbye. 

Last minute photo with my Chiara bbu as Junko (hot a what?):
Image by littleharleyquinn

I commuted with Rikun and Riku back home. We all fell asleep the while trip. I got home at around 11pm already because of the stupid traffic near my area. Fun Fact: I slept at 3am because I still went online. Whoops. 

Overall, it was a great con because I had great people to hang out with despite the heat, hassle, hunger and crowd. It was expected from the con anyway. It was really nice hearing compliments on both my cosplays that day. My body might've hurt the next day and I even woke up late for day 3 because of how tired I was but that's a different log...

For now, I hope you enjoyed reading my first journal and I apologize for the length, I already left some scenes out and it still would've been long, it was an eventful day after all. 

Stay Asterous!


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